Founded in 2001, SHEQ is celebrating its 20 years anniversary as a reliable training provider. Need more reasons? Here they are.

  • Appointed Training Provider for HRD Corp Train the Trainer Program since 2006
  • Experienced Lead trainers with more than 20 years’ of experience in training.
  • 20+ years of Experience in Competency Based Training Programmes
  • Panel Member for National Competency Standard Development of PSMB Certified Trainer – 2010 (Doc Ref: Z-070 Under Department of Skill Development)
  • Panel Member for Curriculum Structure Development for Train the Trainer and Evaluation on Effectiveness of Training (For PSMB) – 2005

Learn from the BEST

Our TTT Lead Trainers are ready to take the stage and share all the information you need for a new and better perspective on training and development.

Here’s what our Lead Trainers said about TTT

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Key takeaways from HRD Corp Train The Trainer Certification Course

Training vs Learning

Identify the differences between training and learning

Laws of Learning

Apply this law to help learners learn more effectively and retain more of what they need to learn

Training Cycle

Apply systematic approach to the development, delivery and continuous improvement of a training program.

Self-concept Theory

Get a better understanding of your audience

Adult Learning

Identify how adults learn differently from children

Learning Style

Match training methodology and activities according to participants’ learning style

Benefits of TNA

Identify the gap between actual and desired level of performance and determine if a training need exists and what training is required to fill the gap.

TNA Process Flow

Plan TNA by following the systematic process flow

TNA Method

Conduct TNA using the appropriate data collection techniques to gain optimal information.

Competency Based Training (CBT)

Develop a systematic competency based training programme to accomplish both learner’s needs and organizational aspirations.

Training Method

Select the best training method and activity that match to the desired learning outcomes to maximize the learning engagement.

Training Content Mapping

Design the training using the training content mapping as a guide for systematic training flow.

Training Methodologies

Explore various training methodologies and tools that can be applied to conduct an engaging training.

Conduct Training

Apply proven training and facilitation techniques that are balanced in theory and practical application.

Session Plan

Ensure a smooth sailing training by preparing a session plan as a guide for you throughout the training.

Importance of Assessment

Measure fulfilment of the objectives of the training

Stages of Assessment

Plan and conduct assessments in your training according to the needs.

Assessment Method

Select suitable assessment methods based on the learning outcomes


What our participants said about HRD Corp TTT

It is a very interactive session with two ways communication, sharing ideas and experience, and tips on how to improve ourselves.

Muhammad Afiq bin Ibrahim
Learning & Development Manager
Putrajaya Marriott Hotel, December 2020

The trainer was very helpful, very understandable, a good speaker and always motivates participants to become better.

Che Faezah binti Che Yusoff

It highlights the systematic way, preparation and method for one to be a successful trainer.

Soo Hoo Haw Loon

The Trainer was very experienced, knowledgeable and fluent. He shared his valuable insights on the training. I really enjoyed this training, it definitely offers value for money.

Ajit Singh Latchman Singh,
Quality Assurance Manager
AirAsia Bhd, March 2021

Video Testimonials

What our participants said about HRD Corp TTT

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