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SHEQ Corporate Strategy

Competency Based Programmes: Our Approach


Transforming human capital


Delivering Customized Solution


Transforming trainees by using competency based training and development strategies to provide proven solution to improve productivity and performance.

Why Us

Competency Based Programmes: Our Approach

Practical Experience

Each programme will be delivered based on Skills, Knowledge and Attitudes expected by job, task or projects focused on Increasing Productivity for Organizational Benefits.

Needs Analysis

Clients competencies needs analysis will be established within first half of each program to ensure outcome of are applicable at work or life after completion of each training or educational modules.

Personalized Coaching

Knowledge sharing sessions will be established among each participants for 3 months after completion of training to ensure each trainees attained congruent for utmost output at workplace and social life.

Corporate Milestones

The milestones below chart the journey of SHEQ throughout the decade.

Year Founded

Panel Member for curriculum development for Train the Trainer & Evaluation on Effectiveness of Training Program for HRDF

Training Provider for Train the Trainer Program HRDF Special Program Division

Awarded Graduate and Youth Employability Program (TP Program) by Federal Government Economic Stimulus Package

Panel Member to develop National Competency Standard (NCS) for Trainers by MOHR

Consultant for SME TNA Consultancy Scheme

HR Consultant under the National Human Resources Centre

Incorporated I-O Psychology perspectives and tools in training and development initiatives

Research on Personality and Job Performance Dimensions of Human Resources Managers in SMEs

3000+ Trainers Certified

Partnership with HR Technology Provider